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Truth or Fiction?

"What is truth?" asked Pontius Pilate, right before he executed Jesus. Good question, Pontius.

Nowadays we are bombarded with information. It's a challenge to sort through it all, so I'm sympathetic to those who have a hard time doing so. I'm a little less sympathetic to those who proclaim "facts" without doing even a little research. People who forward sensational emails fall into this category.

Here's two resources that are great for verifying information: and  

If an email is a hoax, I'd be surprised if it's not featured on at least one of these sites.

And now, since this is a website for Christians primarily, here's the sermon!

Easter is a good time to think about truth. Jesus claimed to be "the truth", and the Bible says repeatedly that the truth matters very much, even that those who believe the lie will suffer God's wrath (Romans 1:18-32 and elsewhere). Jesus claimed to be God Himself. The Bible says he rose from the dead, and that we need his forgiveness to gain eternal life. If that's the truth, then the truth is very important, and the lie is very deadly. 

Let's remember to look for the evidence behind the "facts" we proclaim. There's lots of evidence for the truth of Christianity if we're willing to accept it. Happy Easter, everyone!

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